Audio Editing

What You Do:

  • Record your audio

  • Upload your audio to Dropbox

What We Do:


  • Pre-production meeting to discuss technical needs and your show format

  • Equipment recommendations and setup assistance

  • Help setting up your Podcast Feed (Libsyn, Blurry)

  • Help setting up your hosting service (Libsyn, Blubrry, Sound Cloud, etc.)

  • Pre-show testing of your audio equipment and Dropbox setup


  • Mixing your intro and outro with segments

  • Minute-to-minute listening to catch and correct errors

    • Cut out unwanted words and sounds like when a speaker says “um…” or “uh…”, likes, you knows, where possible, etc.

    • Remove unwanted silence in the recording

    • Remove parts of a conversation, such as unwanted words, sentences, or even whole topics

  • Applying Audio effects, including vocal balancing, vocal compression, noise reduction, hiss/hum removal, and equalization.

  • Matching Volume final audio to -16 LUFS stereo / -19 LUFS mono

  • Adding any commercials or special audio segments

  • Adding professional compression, noise reduction, and equalization to your voice

  • Mixing to mp3, adding ID3 tags, and uploading to the hosting service

  • Adding titles, tags, album art, and SEO tagging